Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's not knocked up when you're married for eight years

So it finally happened. Derek and I have managed to multiply. :)
I discovered this great news while I was studying for the California bar exam, one of the hardest exams in the nation. "Wow, I don't have any morning sickness at all! This is going to be the perfect pregnancy!"
Wow, was I dumb!
I had the worst morning sickness ever during my first trimester. I actually lost weight! The only thing that kept me going was knowing that our little baby was healthy and that was the reason for the daily nausea.
Hormones: 1, Gen: 0.
Nevertheless, I did end up taking the bar toward the end of my first trimester, and at least finished the test. I won't know until November 21 whether I passed. But if I failed, I failed for the best reason ever...
In the meantime, I am working in San Diego as a law clerk for Koeller, Nebeker, Carlson & Haluck, a wonderful firm with offices in San Diego, Las Vegas, Irvine, Sacramento and Phoenix. Derek, my husband, is an orchestra teacher at Oak Park Music Conservatory, an elementary music magnet. We're both very excited about this new phase in our lives.
After eight years of marriage, it feels great to add to our little family.
Plus, the holidays will make sense again... It's just not the same when you dress up for Halloween and can't go trick-or-treating. Or when you go to see the Christmas lights. Or even trying to hunt for Easter eggs.
Apparently thirtysomethings need to lay off those activities without kids, else you get accused of being under the influence.
Anyway, we do know what we are having... The big ultrasound on September 26 showed a little girl!
Our daughter, Quinn Ayako Suzuki, will be the first in a generation on Derek's mom's side of the family. She will be very spoiled!
As time goes on, I look forward to her progress and keeping you abreast of our little girl...
Welcome to the world of Gen-X, Quinn. You are so going to rule it.